Tips For Parents

Lawton C. Johnson Summit Middle School
School Counseling Department

General Information
  • Make school a priority.
  • Don't put too much pressure on your child.
  • Praise your child. Judge success by the efforts being made more so than the grades being earned.
  • Build your child's confidence.
  • Maintain a routine.
  • Set an example.
  • Reward orderliness.
  • Show interest in your child's life. Reach out to teachers; ask your child questions about school and maybe even stressors; keep the school informed of things you may see in your child
  • Set clear expectations.
  • Give extra incentives when necessary. This works especially well for students who need help in developing good school habits.
Homework Information
  • Create a routine - Make a schedule for after school including homework, sports, other activities, and household responsibilities.
  • Set goals and time limits, allowing your child to take breaks.
  • Set up a quiet and comfortable area to study - This area should be where the child does his work all the time, but is not too comfortable that it will be distracting.
  • Make sure to check your child's Agenda to ensure he or she is completing their homework/
  • Help your child plan for long term projects - Set up a calendar to help space out the completion of the project.
  • If struggling with getting your child to complete her homework a warning/incentive system may be appropriate to put in place.
  • Reward orderliness.
Testing Information
  • Make sure your child is reviewing EVERY day, when a test is approaching.
  • Have your child study in a quiet and comfortable place.
  • Allow times for breaks in order to prevent your child from burning out.
  • Help your child study by reviewing and or quizzing them on the material. Go through notes, flash cards, spelling words, etc.
The Parent Institute, 1999,

If you have any other concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact your child's school counselor at 908-273-1190.  Each counselor's extension is listed below:   

Cristina Casani         x4509
Stefanie Jurista        x4510
Larry Johnson          x4508
Elke Luftig               x4586


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