Recommendation Procedures

Lawton C. Johnson Summit Middle School 
School Counseling Department

On this page you will find the new procedures for requesting recommendation letters and transcripts for your son/daughter.  Please see the checklist below and click on the attachments below to view and print out the necessary documents.


  • Using the attached release form alert the Guidance Counselor of:
    • The school(s) your son/daughter applying to
    • The teacher(s) from whom you are requesting recommendation(s)
      • Please indicate if application/recommendation is online
    • Provide a stamped, addressed envelope for each school to the Guidance Counselor or
    •  office
  • Complete the cover letter for each school.  Students should hand the request directly to the teachers.

           Include the following:

    • Request to fill out the recommendation for your son/daughter
    • The name of the school(s) your child is applying to
    • The due date for the recommendation
      • Please allow 2-3 week time frame
    • Indicate that recommendations should be returned to the School Counselor (include 
    • name) to be mailed.  If online copy should be sent to counselor
  • Cover letter should be used for camps or other programs.

  • Alert the Guidance Office, Mrs. Kronen (ext 4507), of school decision.  If the decision is to attend a private school please also provide this information in writing indicating the school your son/daughter will be attending

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