Music Info

BOC Drop/Add Form: 
If you are interested in dropping or adding Band, Orchestra or Chorus please fill out the form (attached below) and have it signed by your guardian.  Once completed please see your School Counselor.

Shared CHORUS option: 
Do you like to sing AND play an instrument?  We are glad to tell you that 6th & 7th grade students in Band/Orchestra will have an opportunity to participate in CHORUS for the 2016-2017 school year.  In order to take advantage of this exciting opportunity, incoming 6th grade students should sign up for Band/Orchestra and check off the box that lists the Shared CHORUS option.  If you are a 7th grade student and are already enrolled in the Shared CHORUS option you will automatically be rolled over.  If you currently in Band/Orchestra and are interested in participating please see your music teacher.  

Below is a list of the details for the class:
  • Students will only be missing Physical Education for their ensemble period (BOC Days) and a weekly rotating academic period for their lesson

  • This will not take up any additional time during the course of the week

  • Lessons will alternate between Band/Orchestra and Chorus each week

  • In any given marking period, students should not miss more than 2 of the same class period.

  • These students will be able to cover all of the choral material in their bi-weekly lessons with Mr. King.

  • Students will also perform with the grade-level chorus at their respective concerts

Loren MacTaggart,
Oct 27, 2015, 8:35 AM